Saturday, December 8, 2012

Semoga Kau Rasakan Cinta Itu

There is a story..which will be part of our journey of love..of course will be keep in our memory till our last breath.

It is hard for me to say it out..but i did it through my email..just to make it clear.

Remember this quote ;
'Love is not somethings for us just to say but it comes in full package. Sacrifice is t most on the list. Once U overcome it , the rest is just like eating a peanuts.'

It is easy to say..but it's so hard to face it..yet it.

I did realize something..when i read this;
Allah doesn't give you the people you want.
He gives u the people u help hurt love make u cry..
Allah gives u everything make u feel like u are everything!
»so u are the person that send by Allah for me..

Bukan untuk meminta lebih dari sepatutnya..
Bila terlalu berharap.. takut akan kehilangan..Bimbang akan dipinggirkan..
Bila hati bisa berubah tanpa isyarat.
Rasakanlah cinta itu..

~ suesephia

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